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If our Mission and FACE Values are a good fit for your work ethic, please apply for the job that best suits your skillset:

Senior Cosmetic Formulator

The Senior Cosmetic Formulator is responsible for all aspects of product formulation, batch scale-up, and technical support for existing products. In this creative and scientific role, the individual works with the customer account manager as well as directly with customer product development and marketing professionals to create effective and innovative cosmetic products. This talented individual will provide the formulation expertise, documentation skills, and technical insight required to develop and maintain a broad range of cosmetic and personal care products. In this capacity, the Senior Formulator will work under the direction of the R&D Manager and will assist with development and mentoring of Research & Development Junior Formulators.


Compounding Manager

At Artisan Labs, the Compounding Manager is a key leadership role. As such, this position reports directly to the CEO. The Compounding Manager leads the Compounding team. They are responsible for collaborating with Research & Development in the scale up of formulas to commercial-scale batches while ensuring bulk is compliant with all quality standards and product specifications. The Compounding Manager is responsible for ensuring the Compounding team is properly trained on the pre-weighing of ingredients, staging of batching jobs, use of transfer and mixing equipment, and cleaning and sanitizing of vessels and utensils. This is a hands-on leadership role, where the manager is responsible for both the manufacture of batches as well as the hiring and development of new team members.


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