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Mara is our lead chemist and enjoys creating new formulas along side her amazing co-workers at Artisan Labs in Hansen, Idaho.
CEO of Artisan Labs, Matt Bryant has incredible expertise in the cosmetic field and leads a team of high performers that you can trust with your business' formulation and fulfillment needs.

Artisan Labs Welcomes You!

Nestled near the base of the South Hills in Hansen, Idaho, our newest first-class facility and resident experts are eager to help you realize how bright your brand's future will be.



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We're Here To Help You

From perfecting your formula to manufacturing your product, we will provide the resources and services needed for your success. Guiding you through the formulation process, filling process, or both, our experts are ready to help your brand succeed.

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Let Our Experts Guide You

We understand how intense and overwhelming the process of creating cosmetics can be, along with the need to launch new products quickly. Our team launches your product faster by focusing on our core formulation competencies. Our cosmetic team and chemists have extensive expertise in body care, skin care, and personal care products.

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Artisan Labs is focused on serving brands in the prestige beauty and personal care markets.  We offer custom development and comprehensive contract manufacturing solutions and have expertise in both traditional & high performance clean beauty. Matt Bryan

In The Spotlight!

Investing in and supporting our local community is the Artisan Labs' way! Besides bringing growth to the economy and excellence to our clients, we strive to make a positive impact in all we do.

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